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Blue Dream- Bearly Legal D8 

Blue Dream has grown in popularity and rightfully so, packing a terpene profile that showcases aroma complexity. The sativa-dominant creates a lucid and euphoric state of mind and body.

It’s creative and inspiring qualities have minds soaring to the sky. Reminiscent of Blueberry Haze, it has added a gentle yet effective sativa boost that produces an incredible mood lift.

This strain takes you up high without any heavy feelings … Focused on your aspirations, yet feeling calm and serene all around.

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Helpful Tip: Vaping does not smell the same as smoking. In fact, many flavours smell quite pleasant and fruity. You might have noticed the different scent when walking past someone who vapes. While this has an aroma, when you vape the smell will not cling to your clothes unless you are doing so excessively in an unventilated area.

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