Dantes Inferno THCA (Indica)


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Elevate your cannabinoid experience with the pinnacle of potency and purity. Crafted with precision and care, each jar is meticulously packed with the finest high-potency THCA flower, bringing you a sensory journey like no other.

  • High Potency Top Grade Indoor THC-A Flower
  • 3.5 grams
  • 32% THCA
  • Indica Strain

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 Glistening in white trichomes Dante’s Inferno has a glamorous appearance adorning white, tan, and rich purple hues. The swollen calyxes on these buds lead to an irregular shape that, similar to a snow-covered mountain peak. Upon opening the bag, one is met with a kushy vanilla scent with mild undertones of sweet berries reminiscent of a strawberry parfait. These nugs have an ideal moisture content and easily break down into a chunky texture. Cali grown THCA hemp flower the flavor is primarily creamy vanilla with subtle notes of strawberries. Users report feeling lifted yet relaxed, a sense of focus that may assist with that task you have at hand. These heady effects reportedly turn sedative a short while later, leaving you feeling sleepy before finally dozing off.


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