Space Gods-3000mg COSMO CRUSH Delta 8 + Delta 9 Live Resin Disposable pen

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OMG.. Are you ready to travel out of space? This new brand Space Gods is a must have with 3000mg Delta 8 + Delta 9 Live Resin single disposable vape pen will satisfy all your needs. Sativa strain. Very potent!

Helpful Tip: Delta 9 can offer better sleep, appetite, elevated mood, and increased creativity. The most known medical benefits are reducing symptoms caused by anxiety or PTSD and Delta 8 It does get you high but not over the edge; on top of that, it offers several health benefits typical of cannabinoids, such as relief from pain, nausea, inflammation, loss of appetite, and depression. The results of the study suggest the use of Delta 8 as a means of preventing diseases and brain damage from aging of the brain such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, as well as cardiovascular disease, brain damage and alcohol damage. This happens because Delta 8 is a natural antioxidant.

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